Code of Conduct

Our activities in and outside of Sweden requires our employees and business partners to take responsibility - for themselves and each other. We have created a regulatory framework, our Code of Conduct. Everyone in our company must comply to these rules and principals and we also communicate them to our business partners and expect them to follow it.

Our business principles

We will act as a reliable and trustworthy partner that lives up to its commitments. We believe in long term business relationship where we together with our business partners creates a basis for strong economic performance, environmental stewardship and social commitment. We introduce our stakeholders to our Code of Conduct as a natural part of our relationship.

Laws and regulations

In the countries where we comply to its laws and regulations. We respect and comply with competitive rules, environmental laws, labor laws, agreements and other regulations affecting our business.


We will not provide business partners and other stakeholders with rewards or benefits in violation of applicable laws or reasonable and generally accepted business practices. We reject all forms of corrupt business operations and our business relationships should be characterized by impartiality. Neither SAFE4U or any of our employees may accept personal gifts or services exceeding a specified level, or participate in any representation in addition to normal business operations.

Personal interests

Our staff and representatives must avoid getting into situations where their personal or financial interests may conflict with SAFE4U’s. In cases where there is risk of such a conflict of interest the employee or the representative should report it to SAFE4U’s guidance for handling such a situation.

Neutrality and transparency

We work to ensure open communication to our stakeholders within the bounds of commercial confidentiality. The issue of political parties and candidates, SAFE4U always takes a neutral position. Neither the company name or its assets may be used to promote such interests. We respect the human rights conventions. We support and respect basic human rights in our business. We will not tolerate under any circumstances, child labor or work performed by force or threat of violence.

Diversity and Equal Opportunities

Our company recruits and gives employees equal opportunity and treatment regardless of gender, marital status, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, race, religion, political belief, age or disability.

Diversity is encouraged

We are actively working to eliminate all forms of discriminatory treatment of employees. We pay fair remuneration in accordance with relevant standards in the countries where we operate.

A healthy and safe working environment

We will offer our employees a safe and healthy working environment. We strive to minimize work-related accidents and injuries.

Monitoring and Information

As an employee of SAFE4U everyone have a responsibility to inform and present the Code of Conduct and relevant content to employees and business partners. Code of Conduct applies without exception, wherever we operate in the world, the practical implementation is regularly monitored and communicated openly.