Quality Assurance

We have instituted a quality assurance program which is a symbol of law and justice. In case of an audit our dealers, suppliers and manufacturers must always be ready to show compliance to SAFE4U´s quality assurance program.

To secure you as a customer about the quality of our products and services as well as the moral and ethical standards we have instituted a quality sign which is divided into two categories:


Our products must be of a high and consistent quality. This is true for products as well as for services and includes everything from the smallest individual component to certification .

Law and justice

Our ambition is for people in jobs risking their own safety while protecting others to feel secure with products from SAFE4U. As a natural consequence of our corporate policy we will not sell our products to customers without a valid professional id.

Quality assurance is about preempting problems and achieving expected quality. In order to manage our quality system SAFE4U have identified a number of quality objectives. These objectives are as much the foundation of our quality work as they are part of our ongoing program of improving quality. The objectives are:

  • Delivered quality – Products and services supplied by SAFE4U must meet set quality standards.
  • Shipment accuracy – Shipment on time is a critical success factor for SAFE4U.
  • Customer – SAFE4U should be percieved as a reliable partner and supplier.
  • Staff and domestic environment –All employees must work for and take responsibility for our quality assurance program.

At the point of delivery components and functionality is always verified and controlled to ensure compliance against the contract and specifications (see test process). After the approved acceptance test the product are shipped according to the terms and conditions of the contract.

Customer complaints process

The purpose of this process is to manage customer complaints in a structured manner, customer support issues, orders, assignments, etc. It is an important instrument for SAFE4U as every divergence leads our efforts towards improving quality. Since long the customer complaints process have been an integrated part of our.