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SAFE4U is a Swedish company that designs, develops and manufactures ballistic body armor and protective helmets for police, military and special forces worldwide. The company has more than 15 years of experience in developing ballistic body armor and has supplied body armor to various police and military forces in Europe.

The company constantly strives to develop and find new smart solutions to optimize protection and comfort. Being at the forefront and combining high protection capacity, low weight, functionality, ergonomics, comfort and design is the company's hallmark. Key factors that are guiding characteristics and that are consolidated in all SAFE4U products.

SAFE4U's products are mainly aimed at special forces where quality is more important.

The company's focus is always on developing high quality products with the latest raw material in accordance with the high demands of the end users.

SAFE4U is proud to showcase products that are the result of innovative thinking. Products that we know make a difference.

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