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SAFE4U Security of Sweden AB develops and manufactures ballistic helmets, body armor and special protective equipment intended for protection against various types of fine-caliber ammunition and shrapnel. SAFE4U sells only to authorities.

All ballistic body armor that SAFE4U sells is covered by the Swedish law on war material (LKM 1992:1300) and means that it is not allowed to sell and export war material without a license from the Swedish authority Inspektionen för strategiska produkter (ISP).


The sale of SAFE4U products to international government customers is subject to an authorization procedure. Before SAFE4U can offer ballistic body armor, which is subject to munitions legislation, to international buyers, an approval from the ISP is required. In order to allow the export of munitions to a buyer initially approved by the ISP, an export license issued by the ISP is required. In connection with the application for an export license, an end-user certificate is required from the buyer, where the buyer guarantees use in accordance with legal requirements. Given that SAFE4U's products are war material, high demands are placed on the buyer - requirements that are normally met by certain government agencies such as defense, police and rescue services, but also by other authorities for special occasions during assignments in hazardous environments.


SAFE4U Security of Sweden AB meets Swedish and EU authorities' requirements for handling trade in military equipment. SAFE4U works in accordance with our export control manual, which was developed in 2023 in consultation with experts in the field and is based on EU regulations and ensures that both SAFE4U and our customers act in accordance with the laws and regulations they and SAFE4U are obliged to follow.